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Sauna Time

Came in to work this morning to the beginnings of a scene of chaos. There was much panicky yelping about the temperature in the server room.

A room containing running computers should not go over 70°F, common sense tells me. At 7 this morning, our server room was at 95°F. There was much scrambling around in search of fans to get the place cooled down. I went in the server room for the first time ever, a great large room with a number of racked computers and all sorts of nifty shiny things, and I was too busy looking for unoccupied outlets to plug the fans into to properly appreciate the sheer geek heaven of the room. This is a level of geekiness entirely surpassing some of my previous levels. The doors of the place were propped open, which is generally a no-no, but these were special circumstances.

Checking people in, somewhat later, went far more smoothly than Friday. I was able to disentangle myself from Situations Needing Supervisor by summoning the actual supervisor for the jobs, and was back in the bullpen sorting out who was logged in and who was not logged in by 8:45-ish, which was also about when the A/C tech steamed by on his way to the server room. (The Dave Matthews Band Fan Geek was already in, and was on his way to a state of high panic about his overheating charges.)

At about 8:55, we got the notice that we needed to log everything off NOW.
"We have people on interviews!"
"Log. Off. Now."
"Even the supervisors?"
"We're having data loss in here. Everything gets shut down. Now."

I had the presence of mind to screen-scrape the login data for the whole room, the session I'd grabbed before all the shit started going down, and paste it into a hasty Word file, then print it before everything went down. That way, come hell or high water, I'd be able to identify the identities of the butts in seats from the start of the shift.

All the phone goons got sent on break for an hour to get them out of the way while IT and the air conditioner guy worked their assorted magic. One hour of downtime stretched into two. I was able to get all sorts of paperwork done.

I'm very good at keeping track of downtime. This is a good thing for accountability, but a bad thing to be in practice at.
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