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Azure Jane Lunatic

On a much less amusing note than usual...

"What about freedom of speech?"

A kid drew a gun -- on paper, mind you -- and is now out of school for the rest of the year.

The teachers aren't saying much.

Since when is sketching heavy artillery a crime?

Another kid somewhere else wrote a play. It was a rather nasty story, lots of violence and such and all --- a reaction to the place he was living in --- and he got arrested too. His brother protested, and got himself expelled for it.

What about freedom of speech?

Would you rather that these kids out and out bring guns to school? Would you rather that they blow things up and cut themselves and make threats?

Yes, it's scary that kids write and draw scary things. It's also PERFECTLY FUCKING NORMAL if they've been picked on and beat up every single fucking day of their lives at school, and ...

...who reprimands the bullies who shaped them that way?

...Who gives the bullies who tortured them and made them afraid and enraged life sentances in jail?


Answer me that.

The media gets all enraged when some psycho says "I killed this person because they were Christian and straight." Where's the outrage when some Pagan and queer person gets mashed up and left to die somewhere?

Here's your fucking outrage.

Nobody bashes fucking anybody else. No one shoots anyone else. No one creeps up behind anyone else in the night with a goddamn razor blade and slits their throat. No one.

Understand that?

An It Harm None, Do As Thou Wilt, fuckwits, or I'll kick your fucking ASSES!!!!!!
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