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My Element

In case it hasn't been clear, I thrive on the sort of chaos that one finds at work on those moderately stressful days that have me yowling when I'm there, but grinning about it after I get back home. If I truly couldn't hack it, I'd go back on the phones or I'd find another job.

The two really difficult things for me about the job, or rather, the circumstances, things I'd find hard at any job, is balancing my personal emotions with my professional responsibility, and functioning on minimal sleep. There's definitely something to be said for entering a workplace as a manager with no previous contact with the employees. That, Dagger says. And Naomi. For fairness and neutrality.

I like juggling spreadsheets. I like distributing papers to people in the chaotic setting that is a shuffleseated call center. I adore having to deal with computers. I don't mind explaining things to end-users, and clearly the end-users like me.

I deal with stress on the phones by drawing little cartoons. I deal with stress in the bullpen by venting (usually on LJ or to other supervisors, though rarely about interpersonal conflicts) or by threatening to take a Nerf-bat to the head of whatever person is causing the problem.

... And Darkside still makes more than I do.

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