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Work & things like that

I monitored today. I should ask the lead monitor to make it a standing order that if I am ever seen on the phones, that I am to be monitored twice just to make sure that I get monitored enough times per week to not make the paperwork scream. I've been off the phones more often than on, these days. We're watching supervisor to phone goon ratios tightly at the moment, so evidently either I'm good enough, they're desperate enough, or we're really short-staffed.

And it turns out that Big Goth Super is leaving within the next two months or so, because he's found a better position elsewhere. One of the newly promoted little RPAs left sometime this month, maybe two weeks ago. One of the monitors is retiring in November.

After I ran out of people to monitor, I wound up validating. Alas that while the first job went well enough, the second one took a long time, and I wound up talking with this ... man.

You know those people who insist on telling you their life's stories? And how sometimes you are forced by the situation to be polite, pleasant, and professional? That was this guy. The world is filled with corruption, he is obsessed with Waffle House, he has over 50 corporate inventions, he has no actual income, and it was clear from what he said that he'd filled the ear of the phone goon who'd done a survey with him yesterday. It was also clear that he was, without a doubt, utterly not in contact with reality as most people know it, and certainly not reality as I know it, though I could probably reach his angle on reality if I really stretched, but that scares me too much to even go there. I'm not sure how long I was on the phone with him, but it was far too long. After I extracted myself after getting all my validation questions answered, I put a gold star on a sticky-note, wrote the phone goon's name on it, and "For putting up with chatty respondent on 6/25. Validator's Award." I stuck it on his timecard after ascertaining that he was not in the building today.

All in all, a lovely day at work.

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