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Lunatic = Dork. Hear me, um, blog.

Tapped by amberite:
"List 5 reasons why you are a dork. And make them good reasons. Justify them. Explain them. Be loud and proud about how big of a dork you are! (Then pick the 5 biggest dorks you know and have them do the meme.)"
amberite's clarification: I'm gonna take "dork" to mean "geek, but with less employable connotations, and a dash of social unacceptability."

  1. LJ. I spend large amounts of time on LJ. I call my journal "nearly a prosthetic memory", and I read my friends page multiple times daily, and while I may skim and skip some cut tags, I do at least glance over the whole thing. And given the size of the friends list, that's not a small task. I have read the entirety of shadesong's journal (no small accomplishment). After all, just about everything I need on the internet is on LJ. Friends, fandom, news, gossip, comics.... I don't have to hunt it out. It comes to find me.

  2. I rock out to the dorkiest music: 80s stuff, a lot of it, and I can head-bang to TMBG. (Perhaps not successfully, but enthusiastically.) I can and will break into a TMBG song for any occasion when the spirit moves me, and when I'm hanging out with trystan_laryssa, the spirit moves me quite a bit. I also filk. My brain even tries to convert me to new fandoms by means of filking in that fandom, so that I have to research the fandom in order to write the thing properly, which of course will convert me. But! I shall prevail! *stomps that pesky Dr. Who filk bunny firmly*

  3. I like dorky boys. The man I adore most in this universe and probably most of the neighboring bits of the multiverse is exceptionally dorky, with the sort of social skills that only a mother or another dork could put up with for long, when he's really being himself. And he can be himself around me, and it makes me grin rather than making me mad or frustrated with him. He's decided that a valid form of entertaining me is reading gaming humor pages to me over the phone. This turns me on makes me giggle a lot.

  4. I really believe that magic exists, even when science can explain 98% of the stuff that happens around me, and probably will be able to cover another 1.9% more within my lifetime. They aren't mutually exclusive. If Charles Darwin had had my outlook on it, instead of talking about how God actually did not do the creating, it was evolution, he would have proudly proclaimed, "I have discovered how God created us!"

  5. I am actually not a gamer. This may not sound like such a huge declaration of dorkiness, except for the fact that I am hard-pressed to think of any of my face-to-face friends except for easalle who is in fact not actually a gamer. figment0 games with dustraven and trystan_laryssa. Darkside's a gamer. Sis is a gamer, and so is Dawn. amberfox has disappeared into some MMORPG or other of late. I am reasonably conversant with a decent number of general gaming principles, and can giggle over at least 70% of the content on your random gamer humor site, and can get the rest with some basic explanations. I know that once I do start tabletop gaming, I will be very hooked, and love it very much. So why have I not yet crumbled in the face of the lure and started up? Because (enter the dorkiness) I'm waiting for my first time to be with someone special. We were going to do it in 2002, but circumstances intervened, but I'm still waiting. Oh, yes, I am a dork.

My fellow dorks, should you choose to accept it:

...though, looking, there are scarily few of my friendslist who I would not consider of the delightful dorkiness. This fact fills me with glee, rather than apprehension.

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