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Cunning Plans for HP Night, plus WorldCon '06

I have the Cunning Plan to discuss with the other newish check-in chick re: the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release on 7-16. I'm covering for her this Sunday morning, or something like that -- or she's covering for the other girl in the afternoon, and I'm covering for her in the morning, or something like that.

But what I want is potentially for her to cover for me on Saturday, and I'll take another shift on Tuesday or something to make up for my hours, so I can go to the party on Friday night and sleep in on Saturday.

I'm so very geeky. I have knitting needles. Maybe I can knit myself a Slytherin scarf, because I'm sneaky-snaky enough to wear one, and even though I'd actually Sort to Ravenclaw, I do have Slytherin yarn on hand, and gods know I have enough actual Slytherin friends to pawn it off on at a con or something for something appropriate in trade.

In future plans, I may well wind up at the 2006 WorldCon in LA. I'm thinking about it tentatively right now, and I'm planning that yeah, it's probably going to happen. I like cons, and John and the E should be there!

Anyone else going?

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