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What is life doing right now?

This is my workplace.

I love it.

Someone woke me up this morning knocking on the door -- there's something funky with the air conditioner. The condensation line that's supposed to be draining into my sink drain isn't actually doing this. Downstairs is having trouble with their unit leaking like a mofo. I'm not leaking ... but I have no idea, and the tech has no idea, not without ripping out the walls, exactly where the condensation line is draining. For all we know, it's draining right above Downstairs's bed.

Also, the a/c is still with the backwards-wired control box. I should really make more noise about that.

Turns out that all the fun I had over the weekend poking at the cartoon? I should have just scanned the thing black-and-white, not color or greyscale. Duh.

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