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Have we a geek in the house?

I just found a power adapter to fit the Bad Phone (said phone is bad because it was sold without a power adapter) so that I may have a phone with a permanent seat by the bed so I won't have to rout myself out for those odd-hour calls. Next step: finding telephone cord to reach all the way across the apartment, with any good luck doing so tastefully around the edges of the room rather than the short way that looks tacky.

The other night, I came home from work to find that there was a message on my phone, telling Charles that his lab results were in, and they were ready for him to call and make an appointment, oh, and this should be fasting. Problem: I'm not Charles. I'm sure I don't know Charles, as I have never had a roommate named Charles, and in fact I only know one Charles and he goes by Chuck. (Okay, maybe I know two, but they're both Chuck, and neither of them would be getting calls here. I don't think either of them knows my number, even.) So I looked up the number for the office in question, and wound up getting transferred to the after-hours answering service, who paged the doctor on call so I could give them the message that I'd gotten a message for Charles, and therefore Charles had not actually gotten his message.

Some time passed. The phone rang, and the caller ID was not helpful at telling me who was actually calling. "Ni hao ma?" I answered the phone, my standard after-hours/unknown caller greeting (in Chinese).

"Ni hao ma!" the guy on the other end of the phone said cheerily, and asked to speak to me.

It turned out to be the answering service calling back. The guy and I language-geeked a bit. He knows more Chinese than I do. I just know enough to get me in trouble.

Telephones are fun.

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