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Lazy Monday in July

Slept in. The office is closed today. So, unfortunately, is the laundry room. I should really poke down there to see if it's open again, and if it's not, call the off-hours pager and tell them, because that's something that really does need to get seen to.

I just strung phone and cat-5 over to the bed area. My current Cunning Plan has already been set in motion. What do I want in an always-on bedside computer? Network capability, IM and web surfing. That's about it. What is Tigereye capable of? Much more than that. What do I owe V? At least the price of two new tires. What's the resale value of an old clunker of a laptop with a 2 gig hard drive? Not very damn much. What's the resale value of a Dell Latitude CPt with a bunch of random accessories like spare batteries and NIC, minus the floppy drive? Potentially equal to two new tires and an old clunker laptop. *grin* What does V need in a computer? Internet connectivity, word processing, decent reliability, a decent amount of storage.

BBQ charcoal smoke has a very distinctive smell. It gets my heart pounding at about 1.5 time, and I can feel the carbon monoxide sinking its hooks into my red blood cells. I miss the friendly smell of alder coals.

I called Darkside. He couldn't take time out to chat, but we did arrange that he'll be dropping Tigereye off at some point. Yay computers! Yay bondmates! Me getting a ride out there, sadly, is unlikely to happen. figment0 is having car trouble. Radiator system leaks in Phoenix in the summer are severely bad news, and Darkside lives in Mesa.

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