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Things that are almost, but not quite, entirely unlike wakefulness

I really do like Phoenix mornings. They're so quiet when you watch the sun rise, then evade the nasty rush hour, and wander around between nine and ten or so. If only I did not have to work afternoons and evenings, I could get to enjoy mornings a lot.

I enjoy evenings and nights perhaps more than I do mornings. Everything gets quiet and dark, although there are still kids playing, partiers partying, cars zooming, and birds complaining that someone else has more of the perch than they do. It cools off enough to make the desert bearable. It should cool down faster, harder, but all the asphalt and concrete holds the heat, and the water we import has created a little cloud around us, holding us at near-daytime temperatures until close to dawn.

If I didn't have afternoon work or reasons to need to be around daylight folks, I'd probably do what I'm going to do today as a full-time schedule: go to sleep just as the noon sun tries to sear out our souls, then wake up again when it repents and withdraws its overly-affectionate attentions from this part of the globe.

As it is, I can't stay up around the clock too often or I'll screw with my biological clock for work.

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