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La Cucharacha

It's just shy of 9 in the morning, which is NOT wake-up time for sleepy Lunatics, as they work very late on weekdays. Nonetheless, biological imperative demanded that I rise. Striding sleepily back to bed, my mind half-registered what looked like a small hole in the ceiling, and only fully registered it once I was tucked back in bed again and attempting to sleep.

I squinted. It sure didn't look like it had been there the night before. I knew my ceiling reasonably well. I know I'm going to regret putting my glasses on, I thought as I walked over to the desk, retrieved them, and walked back. I was right.

I called the office. "There's a cockroach on my ceiling, and I don't like bugs," I informed the new manager, adding my name and apartment number as an afterthought.
"I'll see if I can send the maintenance guy down," she told me. "And keep your eye on it. We don't have time to look for it."

I semi-dressed under my nightgown as I kept a wary eye on the ceiling. I wondered how long it would take the maintenance guy to get there. I wondered if it would be worth my time to get my cellphone and make a panicked text message post to LJ about my little visitor.

He knocked. I indicated the ceiling -- a spot very near my bed.
"It's just la cucharacha," he told me.
"I don't like la cucharacha," I informed him.

He made a heroic NBA leap with a paper towel.
"You want it?" he asked.

He and the (presumably squished) remains of la cucharacha departed, after leaving me with the intelligence that the bug-sprayer guys would be in and around sometime later on.

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