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Monday Things

Woke up around 3pm Sunday. In an effort to reset my clock, stayed awake until 1pm Monday. Gave plasma during that time.

Sis text-messaged me letting me know about their departure.

I got a nice long four-hour nap.

figment0 came over and he borrowed my copier.

I worked on some heraldry for 'Song, in honor of not being a copy bitch. The heraldry still needs some work. I'm particularly smug that I figured out an easy way of doing the embattled bits in Paint. I have decided that really, it needs a better copier, and not a copier heart, but an argent copier sinister chief overlaid with a pierced gules rondel parted per bend (that is to say, a copier inside the "no!" circle-and-slash in the upper left-hand corner). The penguins need a little work too.

figment0 is taking to the internet with great delight.

I adore having a scanner. I can make little sketches, and they can be scanned and stashed on Petridish or somewhere, and then I can show them to someone once and never have to deal with them again if I don't want to. But my attack hen (so dubbed by sithjawa; this is really something like a hen fayoumis rampant wings raised and displayed, tail displayed) should really be scanned greyscale, not black and white.

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