Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Drywall Follies

The other day as I was slinking in to the office with my rent check, the apartment manager brought up the topic of my (evidently malfunctioning) chiller unit, and the fact that it seems to be draining into parts unknown. "We need to have the guys by to look at it," she said.

I pointed out that I'd be in the apartment all day Tuesday the 12th, conveniently forgetting the fact that as this is Potter Pre-Spoilers Week, I'd be pulling a shift on Tuesday so that I could sleep in Saturday following the release party free and clear. I called the office, but too late -- it was already scheduled.

Tuesday, no a/c techs come to tear the wall out.

This morning, the maintainence witch knocked on my door. "The guys are going to be here for the drywall later," she told me.
"I'm going to be out," I told her.
"Good -- you don't want to be around for this."

I came in expecting the little doorknob-hanger that says, "While you were out..." and a mess.

No hanger. No mess.

No drywall guys, it looks like.

I'm probably going to get them tomorrow.

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