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Short shifts are fun for the whole family

Screamed into work almost late. Yikes! Managed to be more or less on time, though. I was on the phones today, par for the course for Thursdays. $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, yay. Of course, that brings with it its own joys in the form of people being general and assorted obnoxious wankers, but eh. This is what drawing cartoons at work is for.

I need to learn to check the security of my lids before inverting or agitating any container containing liquid, especially sticky liquid. Results? About 1 tablespoon of Dew Livewire with 2 Atomic Fireball candies dissolved in it, all over my desk, my flask, and me. (Orange/cinnamon is very good. I'll have to pass that tip on to Motley.)

We got a fifteen minute break at 5:00pm, then dismissed at 5:30. 4.5 hours today on that, then an additional .25 spent checking my e-mail. I'm glad I'm coming in on the 1pm shift. The 3pm people on my job got out at 6pm, which is only 3 hours.

I spent some random time joking around with the Young Long-Haired Desk Guy (he who is tasty-looking but celibate) about assorted; the party eventually moved outside when dustraven and the Bunny Master came out for break.

"It's been a while... give us a grin, then, luv..."
This prompted the Azzgrin at the poor Bunny Master (an elder gamer who GMs and plays a Malkavian), who is (as always) traumatized by the sheer insanity in the Azzgrin. Yet he keeps asking us to smile...

Tomorrow I'm to be check-in. This will be entertaining. I'm not sure how many paycheck SNAFUs there will be. There are lots of new people I don't know by sight yet, so I will have to verify a lot of identities before handing out paychecks.

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