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Stuff like a day...

Woke up on time, or thereabouts. Packed for work and for the Changing Hands Potter release party. Walked off to work.

Discovered at work that they had me as both check-in and as on the phones. Um, hello logic? I cannot be in two places at once. The person I could ask to be me? Leaving in fifteen minutes. Not going to happen.

Work was good, though, with attempts to cast the supervisory team as Animaniacs. (Stressy College Chick was calling Rev. Nice Super and Cute Geek Super "Tweedledum" and "Tweedledee", and occasionally slipping a "Tweedledumber" in there. This led to silliness.) I haven't seen figment0 laugh that hard in a long time.

easalle said that having trystan_laryssa along on the Potter expedition would be all right by her, so there was much rejoicing. There was wackiness in the bullpen, and I did not feel entirely on-task.

easalle and two lost boys were waiting when I got out. Everything was proceeding happily until the car died and had to be rebooted after a full shutdown when we were just out of the driveway of work. We picked up trystan_laryssa on Gamer Standard Time and I produced my fortuitously-printed map to the bookstore, complete with address and freeway directions. We were on the 10 when the car bluescreened again; wamphyri pulled as neat a feat of driving as I've ever seen and coasted it across two lanes of traffic to the edge where we waited for the thing to reboot again.

The mission to the party was officially scrubbed, and we started taking surface streets back. The vehicle stalled in the middle of the intersection of 16th street and McDowell (ready to make a left turn), and then again in the middle of somethingth ave and McDowell; there, fortunately, we were in motion, and wamphyri coasted us into the gas station where we sat to let the car cool down and to call in for aid in the form of Zeke's dad, to make sure everyone got where they were going safely.

As we waited for getting-people-home aid to arrive, the car geeks discovered that the distributor cap was way, way, way loose. Upon fixing this, the vehicle had no troubles at all, but the mission was still officially scrubbed, quite understandably.

trystan_laryssa and I had been planning to attend the party at the local Bookmans, but when we arrived, there was no such creature. Undaunted, we got back to her place and proceeded to have one of our infamous slumber parties. I coaxed the Mad Scientist's computer (the computer belonging in dustraven's son's room) to talk to my digital camera, and thus there are blurry photos of me, badly overexposed pictures of trystan_laryssa, and photos involving car-geekage that don't make much sense without context.

Life, it is good.

Today, Saturday, I shall endeavor to force the bus system to bow to my will, and I shall retrieve my book and V's friend's book. Then, the reading, and also the bellydance.

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