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Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Comedy Bellydance Routine (no spoilers)

After I returned from getting my copy of the book, easalle had a bellydance event at which she was performing. V picked me up, and we had a delightful time. easalle was there, and M from writing group, and a few of easalle's other random writing buddies, plus the inevitable Lost Boys.

First up was an open dance where some of us looked like utter goofs (that would have been me) and some of the rest of the people (the actual bellydancers) looked very good. Then there were some performances. easalle utterly rocked. I have fortunately conditioned myself to not perv at her, and this is good, because she is married and I am not her type, mostly because I am too female. Bellydancing is good. One of the dancer was running on zero sleep and lots of caffeine, because she'd been up since nine Friday morning on account of Potter. (I held up my copy and waggled it around in solidarity.)

There was another open dance. I'd been getting revved up by the music and the clapping and the dancing, and found myself up front again (but only after pestering M that she needed to come up and dance this time, to show us how it was done in the Maj). Meanwhile, V snagged my copy of the new Potter book and tried balancing it on top of her head while shimmying, to keep herself isolating the correct body parts better.

Somehow, this evolved into me going behind her, then ducking out on either side, making gestures of some sort at the book. (I think the original intent was to act as if I were snatching it from her.) This got giggles, so we hammed it up, and eventually some other people came up and we wound up doing that multi-armed thing, all while giggling madly ourselves and having a great old time. They were videotaping, so the studio has a tape of our insanity for posterity. I'll probably still laugh about it when I'm 80.

V's been doing a big yard sale this weekend, so she's burned out. I've been having an interesting weekend myself, and I have work in the morning, so V and I ducked out after one final dancer.

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