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Most of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I read on the way home on the bus. I read some while walking from the bus stop to the apartment, and then some more after I got out of the shower and was waiting for V, a little while I was waiting for the bellydance fun to start, and then the rest after I got home.


Warned ya.

The anchor on the cut tag, for a cut tag at the beginning of the entry? So not my idea of a good time.

First: So glad Fudgie-wudgie was sacked. SACKED, I SAY!!! I'm happy. I like this minister a lot better, because at least he's ... somewhat competent? Trying? Reasonably honest? Scarily like the current political climate?

Fred-and-George LOVE with the Homeland Security poster comedy. LOVE. Love love love.

Is it just me, or does anyone else want "Slug Club" icons? *giggle* Yep, I want a Slug Club icon. In fact, I think I'll go make a reasonably non-spoily one, because ... what is there to spoil about an image of a slug saying "Join my club"? Huh? It's not like it's a picture of Ron and Hermione kissing. Or Harry and Ginny kissing. OMFG. Bleh? I think I've read too much fanfic, because I'm sooooooo burned out on those 'ships. and rabid fangirls/fanboys of those pairings who are going OMG theirloveissocanon in the obnoxious way? can BITE MY ASS. Line forms behind my cat.

Once I saw the potions advice in the book, my first bet was that it had belonged to Lily Evans. My second bet was OMG SNAPE. Vindication! Hah! I called it as soon as I learned it was male. And, um, Hermione? Hello. You can't have inscriptions in the book that are OLDER than the publication date of the book. There's plenty of time to have inscriptions that are NEWER. I was suspecting Snape, because he would have gotten a used book if he was so poor he couldn't afford new pants.

They didn't Americanize "pay rise" for Mr. Slug. I'm surprised and gratified.

Is "slut" a word that the younger HP readers really need to be reading?

Harry is going to hate himself forever for following Dumbledore's orders, until he learns to forgive himself. I so think Snape was following orders too. Once Harry figures out Snape was following orders too, that will either provide a bond between the two men, or it'll give them reason to hate each other even more.

... and this is why I always carry a water bottle.

I'm getting to enjoy Trelawney's character more and more. Not as a person, but as a character. I should love to play her, much as she absolutely appalls me. She is the crazy cat lady, except not.

... Would I put it past Dumbledore to ORDER Snape to go and tell Voldemort the prophecy? Now that would be an interesting twist!

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