Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

*grin* Plots & plans are for the Loony. And for the Darkside.

Darkside's chances of making it over to see me this weekend? Not so good.
His chances of getting here before Wednesday? Also not so good.
His chances of getting here anytime before next Sunday, in fact? We'll have to make it a felicitous three with "not so good". (He's planning to get some much-needed car repairs accomplished this upcoming weekend.)

Problem: I want to get the laptop back from him so V can use it when she leaves on her epic road trip sometime this week, but after Wednesday.

Solution: I take the bus to the mall near his place, he drives to the mall, and we meet up there. I take the bus home. All are happy. No one dies.

I'll be seeing him tomorrow evening, then, and giving him a ring when I get there.

He was tired when I called -- we'd both been reading the same book last night, but he stayed up a lot later. We both enjoyed it.
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