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Wednesdays just happen.

The current plan involves taking Tigereye out of her body and transplanting her into the empty shell of another Latitude CPt, one with a CD drive bay lock, one with all its mouse buttons, and (at least in theory) a working keyboard.

V is so very excited. It's an actually-working laptop computer, and it has her two favorite anti-malware programs installed on it.

We had one of those interesting "Not all of these people know each other, do they?" moments this evening when picking up the empty shell from figment0. The invasion force consisted of V, easalle, and me. figment0 and (his invisible-to-strangers black cat) Doris did not have any company at that time. As figment0 proudly displayed his wife's collection of sharp stabby things, my phone rang. It was trystan_laryssa, wanting to know if I could ask easalle if she had seen her bag, which she hasn't been able to find since the ill-fated Potter excursion. Two representatives of each of the major offline social groups I interact with, and with me as the link. The timing wouldn't have been half so funny without the presence of both figment0 and easalle.

Misty's sword Scalebane is significantly taller than easalle. A request for photos has been submitted to the committee. (No, there is neither a Bruno nor a Boots involved with this endeavor.)

Casual reference to Darkside still makes me light up and clutch at my pendant. Even when I'm the one who mentions him.

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