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[paid] What I'm Worth

One 2000 laptop, used, in fair condition, with power cord, two batteries, CD drive (no floppy), external keyboard (necessary), wired USB optical mouse (not necessary), brand-new replacement NIC, brand-new USB wireless adapter, a couple lengths of cat-5 patch cable.
A couple hours labor, intermittently sprinkled with phrases such as "bloody buggering fuckweasel".
$10 change in "blood money" (from plasma donation).

The price of a pair of tires (new).
One external CD drive (read-only).
An ancient laptop of many secrets and not much hard drive space.
$60 in 20s, from yard sale proceeds.
4 pints Ben & Jerry's (1 Cherry Garcia, 3 New York Super Fudge Chunk).

This is the way the Good Ol' Boys Network side of the economy works (where "boys" is gender-neutral).

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