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Workplace characters

Rev. Nice Super is actually not all that nice. He is when it counts, though.
Cute Geek Super is very cute, which makes up for his lack of a viable geek department.
Quiet Geek Super is as quiet and as geeky as advertised, except in the "I am a trained IT professional" way, not the "I am utterly socially inept" way.

Laser Mom is one of the semi-new phone goons, a woman old enough to have a son in his late teens. She is infamous for a conversation that should have gone like this:
Respondent: "You're a robot!" >click<
Her: >redial< "Yes, I am a robot, and if you don't do the survey, I'll melt your brains with my laser!"

Stressy College Chick has graduated, and owns a pit bull bitch named Coco.

Stressy College Chick and I are both Geminis.

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