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Uptraining & other work-related issues

Things are moving and shaking around work lately. I'm
not entirely certain of what-all's going on. It looks
like Animation Acolyte may have been involuntarily
left from the company, alas. The new corporate
structure thingy is evidently requiring that people
have their stats consistently at least semi-decent,
and people who consistently fail to improve have
evidently been getting canned. (I'm not 100% sure on
all of this; this is just workplace gossip, and people
have been leaving.) The Bunny Master has been
departed, alas. (His wife says that he's found a
better job, customer service. Yay customer service!)
We will definitely miss him. (I say as phone goon and

othercat, as I understand the whole
uptraining thing, the company understands that people
can have not-so-good quarters for their stats, but
figures that when people are told about this and given
the training that they can use to apply to improve
their stats, they improve. I'm not entirely sure what
the criteria are for their termination based on
statistics; for that, inquire at the office. The
office with the lady who handles the stats is the one
closest to the door of the phone floor, rather than
the main office.

Stressy College Chick was talking about the uptraining
thing a bit, and mentioned that where the real
problems are is when someone has a lousy quarter for
stats and then refuses uptraining. That makes it it
look as if they're not making every reasonable effort
to improve what they're doing, so if the person's
stats do not improve, the responsibility for not
improving is ALL on them, versus them going and doing
the uptraining to see if any of these methods will
help improve the stats.

In other news, I get an extra shift on Wednesday.
Clients are coming in to have a listen at how their
surveys are actually being done, and I'm one of the
really, really, really good people on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB.
I know this, because one of the office ladies came in
yesterday while I was working and practically BEGGED
me to come in for an extra for the client call.

Do I rock? Yes, I would have to say that rocking is
the order of the day. Today? Monitoring. Comic Pirate
Super is in today, see, and that leaves him as
check-in. Thank gods for coffee?

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