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Azure Jane Lunatic

Random things that I cannot say in LJ comments because I'm at work:

sithjawa: Yes, and I use my superior
powers-of-getting-talked-to-by-Fry's-employees for

tygerr: Picking up enough scraps of
Spanish to understand things like "with cheese",
understand why "just a survey, sir" could be mistaken
for something about beer, and to follow along in text
when someone is speaking Spanish at speed. No geekboys
actually picked up at Fry's as yet -- I have a
Darkside to pay attention to first! <azzgrin>

Stark raving madness is in fact a viable career

kiarrith: All of us are local, split off
from the original singular tenant at assorted points
of evolution. But since our friend pulled temporary
copies that were not saved, rather than actually
borrowing and returning, or borrowing and saving the
changes over here, we have none of the experience of
looking out through his eyes. We did get XP from
talking with ourselves, though. It was very, very
weird. I did not realize that Marah oozed sex like
that. I also realized that I can tell my own smile
from someone else's when it's on their face. This
means that I probably have reasonably distinctive
physical muscle traits and they transfer with the
personality. I don't think there was any significant
change in any of us based on that particular
experience, because while that was quite enlightening
and warming in the "Wow, I really would like myself if
we met" way, it was insignificant compared to the
other changes going on at the time.

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