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Schedule Upfuckery, a dime a dozen

Looks like the other junior check-in chick is on vacation for a week or something, so I get to fill in. The first I learned of this was when the Check-In Princess (the senior one) asked me if I knew about it. I knew nothing about it, and suspected a leg-pull, except the Check-In Princess doesn't do those. At least, she doesn't do them for more than 30 seconds.

She dropped a note in my booth to call the Queen of Schedules today; I did so. I'm going to be filling in for the other girl, and there's really not much I can do other than that, given that things are how they are. I may see if I'm going to be in next Thursday...

I checked, and it looks like the insanity starts THIS WEEK NOW -- I'm check-in on Friday and Saturday as per the usual (often enough, Comic Pirate Super or Cute Geek Super is check-in on Saturday, but with the cute little chick gone and now Big Goth Super gone, and MOTLEY gone (again: wtf?), we're starting to get shorter-staffed in the supervisory department. Clone Name Super and Trendy Chick Super have been monitoring more often than not) but check-in Sunday evening and then check-in Monday afternoon, followed up by what looks to be a Friday-through-Monday stint as check-in again.


I mean, I could get used to this, but ...

... this is also insane.

I anticipate with great pleasure the e-mail that will be in my in-box tomorrow, explaining it all in small words and pretty pictures.

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