Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

I am the captain of the carpet ship

That Unbelievable Asshat phone goon has done it again -- his previous strikes have involved:
  • barging into the workplace on his day off (while drunk) and getting nasty and yelly and would speak only to the lead supervisor (his issue? he needed to know his schedule for tomorrow)
  • coming in late, clocking in, then spending a significant amount of time on the phone in the break room, not getting off the phone and going in when told to by a supervisor, getting mouthy with the supervisor, and getting mouthy with another supervisor when she told him that the first supervisor was right
  • (I wasn't present for this one) getting in the face of a supervisor over a bad monitor report
Now, he's managed to alienate one of the few people who could stand him, a fellow phone goon -- he called in and claimed it was an emergency, and gave a different name. She won't accept calls from him anymore.

Other than that, work has been relatively calm today. It is a day where I might want to be home with a good fic and a nice cup of Irish chocolate milk, but not a bad day.

I still need to color in the gas can on the "No one here is smoking ... ... yet" cartoon.

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