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Topics at work include:

Uptraining with a nerf bat (recommended for those whose main problem is excessive lack of clue, lack of motivation, or just plain lack of brain)

The presence of "fecal matter" around in everything -- this was spurred by a recent media "exposé" of how culturing the store tester mascaras at upscale department stores results in fecal bacteria being found -- Cute Geek Super explained calmly that these are in fact found everywhere, do not get the knickers in a twist. And since then, there has been
lots of discussion of same.

Cute Geek Super finds the Anne Geddes cute-baby artwork disturbing.

figment0 is sitting in a booth near the bullpen. He and I have been grinning at each other and making Vulcan hand gestures. *snicker* Subtle ones.

It's a nice quiet boring shift, so far. I was surprised -- there are not too many people electing to have extra shifts, so I don't have to scramble around to get them seated when there's really nowhere to seat them. Though Stressy College Chick Super and I did do the smart thing and set aside booths specifically for random extra people coming in, so it wouldn't have been a problem anyway unless we'd have overflow...

I was standing out in the lobby this morning waiting for people to come in unscheduled, and I saw this great huge bug on the door. (Probably a beetle, not a bug. -- entomologist's daughter's note.) I told it, "Outside creatures belong OUTSIDE," and opened the door to let it out.

Outside creatures have been coming inside for the monsoons. It's far too hot and damp for most critters. I found a blasted pentatomid on my ceiling in the past week (I
scooped it gently down with a jar and took it outside) and then in my HAIR the night before last (I brushed it into the garbage and took it out, with every effort to keep from alarming it). I was hoping it was a pentatomid rather than cilantro in the outsourced dinner, because I can take the bug out of the apartment, but I cannot take cilantro out of dinner. (Yes, stink bugs smell like cilantro. Blech.)

Life is good, besides the whole "stressful" thing. I need to talk to Darkside sometime soon, or the stress is going to go critical. I can feel it accumulating like fire on the skin of my back. Soon.

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