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Game over, thank you for playing

Somehow, the discussion at work turned to whether or not I have ever dreamed about any of my co-workers. Most of the co-workers, I do not actually dream "about"; they're more like standard-issue extras for work-related dreams. For example, if I dreamed that I was going to work, but it was really a spaceship shaped like a pencil, then the co-workers would be there (generally), but it would not be a dream about them.

Given that it was Original Name Supervisor (he is to be renamed Pull My Leg Supervisor) who was inquiring if Cute Geek Super and Rev. Nice Super were ever in my dreams, and if they were ever naked, and if Rev. Nice Super was ever in my dreams rubbing peanut butter on himself ("Only if it's on fire"), it was a very interesting conversation. It turned into a thinly-disguised attempt to figure out if I have the hots for any of my supervisory co-workers.

I attempted to establish that my interest in Rev. Nice Super does not exist ("He's too violent for me"), so they started in working on whether or not I was attracted to Cute Geek Super.

"You're not geeky enough for me," I told him.

This turned into Cute Geek Super vainly trying to defend his geekhood. I think something as dreadfully relevant as "I used to be in debate club in high school" got mentioned. I cracked up.

Slightly later on, someone brought up D&D. Cute Geek Super's response? "I said I was a geek, not a loser."


Nope, not even slightly geek enough.

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