Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Actually Not A Geek & Auditory oddness

My co-worker formerly known as "Cute Geek Supervisor" shall now be known as "Cute Poser-Geek Supervisor", because he is not an actual geek.

The guy may have some small computer-fu, and some of the other tags of geekdom, but he is not an actual geek. He's far too mainstream.

On a related completely unrelated theme, some phone goons have been complaining that they are being told about dress code violations by someone who is themselves violating the dress code. Stressy College Chick Shift Ops Super and Grandma Super and I deliberately did not name names, but described the shirt -- a maple leaf, right?

It also seems that my dreamscape has decided that since Cute Poser-Geek Super is usually the one talking in the background telling some sort of story or other at work, then it's going to borrow his voice for the voice-over in work-related dreams. I took a nap this evening, and woke up with a start, realizing whose voice that was doing the voice-over.

There's some new poking at auditory hallucinations and overexposure to audio stimuli such as music -- makes sense. A limited playlist gets the songs that much more stuck in the head.

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