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It seems that the more means of expression I find myself knowing, the closer to telepathy I feel like I'm getting. The other night, trystan_laryssa and I were within line of sight of each other at work, and we proceeded to have a conversation in utter silence, spelling words back and forth to each other with our fingers, and making commonly-understood gestures. We knew what we meant, even if no one else around us did. Very little of it was standard sign language, but that was quite all right, because while I can spell almost anything that doesn't require a P or a Q, I don't have many other words of ASL.

If I can't say it in English, I might know a word for it in Chinese. I might wind up learning a word for it in Spanish. If I can't say it, I might be able to sing it, dance it, sign it, make it into a sign, paint it, or combine everything into a frustrated and rapturous mental explosion, trying to bridge the gap between hearts with message intact.

Sometimes my language leaves me, so the more of it I have, the more I have to fall back on when the main sets float higher than head depth.

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