Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Fun with apartments

The problem with the shower in my apartment: when turning the knob, it turned from Off to Cold to Warm to Hot to Off to Hot to Warm. There was no such thing as a full-blast Hot shower.

The chiller unit's problem: the thermostat was for an a/c, not a chiller. The dude will be replacing it with a correct part. He's hoping that the wires have been run correctly.

I got my water filter for my sink. That was actually what the guy came over with; when he asked me what else there was to do, I showed him with great cheer.

There have been so many condensation problems that I am lucky to have just a few drips out of my chiller. (Note to self: pick up new air filters from office.) Some people have been utterly swamped out. I'm so very glad that I've not had this happen.

The guy had not thought that there was actually anyone residing in the apartment when the cabinets fell down. Evidently my cabinets have become somewhat of a local legend, and a symbol of the utter suckitude of previous management.

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