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Azure Jane Lunatic

Work Notes

"And how are you doing today, Lady Macbeth?"

"They were doing shots. Of absinthe. Death by stupidity."
"I don't drink, and I know what absinthe is."

Cute Poser-Geek Super: "Next time we have a party you can come. You're already invited."
Cute 19-year-old phone goon: "Great!"
CPGS: "... It's in my pants."

Fortunately for the Nerf-bat, the other supervisors did the LARTing for me.

Rev. Nice Super is claiming that squirrels have a special connection to Satan, and that I can confirm this through my own special connection with Satan. He was goofing around with The Pugilist (the phone goon who almost got in a fight with the Master of Misinformation) and this came up in conversation.

Evidently I smile too much to be affiliated with Satan. Rev. Nice Super claims this is deceptive. I can confirm the squirrel/Satan connection, at least. (I know this thing through my special connection with Alaska.)

"Azure. Can I make you happy with some paperclips?"
"Yes, but you can make that thing [the paperclip jar] even happier."
"You can make it happy." *hands over great whopping handful of paperclips*
"I think I'll make my desk drawer happy."

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