Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Mass Lunacy (the brain, when unmounted, does not remount itself)

Last night was just plain weird.

It all started out when figment0 went on break. He had become utterly incoherent, and after hearing him attempt -- and fail -- to make sense, I gave him the Look and sent him home.

I wound up going right back to my desk at that point and not actually taking a proper break with things like lunch. This led to me suffering the inevitable consequences for that -- dizziness, headache, crankiness, sensitivity to noise and proximity of people, and shields like thinly-sliced Swiss cheese. (This is not a good thing.)

Poser-Geek Super and Rev. Nice Super decided that Stressy College Chick Super looks like the title character from Powder. They proceeded to tease her about this. She got grumpy, as she resented being told that she resembled someone she looks nothing like. They did not pick up on the fact that she was actually annoyed and edging towards mad, and kept on teasing.

I eventually did get myself out from behind the desk and with some food in me (the vending machine stole $0.50, though) but by then I was already a bit of a mess. The Nerf-Bat did help matters, though.

I was still a bit of a mess when I got home, and when figment0 said something I was completely not anticipating, I just lost it. My brain went into freeze-mode, and I could half-see the "end now and risk losing data or wait" dialog box backwards on my face. I said as much (I'm sure figment0 was alarmed) and was forcibly rebooted. "Hey! I am not the @#$##$&$% Mac Happy Face!" I protested. figment0 decided that I was not necessarily good to be left on their own, and came over.

I wound up chatting with sithjawa with most of my brains not mounted. It showed in the typing. When figment0 got there, I dumped pink glitter all over him, included him in the IM conversation, and giggled hysterically. He wound up camping out on the floor to make sure I was OK.

My brain's back. It's showing dangers of spontaneously unmounting should I think about the problematical fact a little too hard, but it's back.

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