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outofambit had an old machine for sale. It seems that I may have been the first one to respond with interest.

She'll most likely be shipping the computer on Thursday.


I'm now almost able to say this without squeaking, squealing, giggling, leaping up and down, yelping, yowling, laughing, cheering, and otherwise performing physical and vocal stunts that put me in danger of terminal fangirlishness and/or actual injury. I may have actually sprained something in my ongoing and almost entirely successful endeavor to keep said utter raving fangirlishness out of the actual correspondence. Incoherent fangirls are a dime a dozen, and slightly creepy. Cheerful and coherent correspondents are somewhat less easy to find. I'm just being me -- the spell-checked, smiling, and everyday self I am when I'm not having a very loud and somewhat disturbing fangirl moment over in the corner.

Diane Duane is as pleasant to correspond with as she is to read when published.

Yes. I was sitting on the public glee of this news until I got a chance to tell Darkside.

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