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Fic Rec: Martin's Passage: "And Sweep Up the Wood"

Part I
Part II

cadhla does this Buffyverse game, which is the fictional TV show Martin's Passage. Occasionally, fic falls out. This is some truly fine stuff.

I was grousing to myself earlier this evening that I know who my favorite pro writer is (it was a toss-up between lmbujold and outofambit for the longest time, but since I wound up using Dairine's Admonition to the Lone Power against a rather creepy truth-is-stranger-than-fiction real-life incident and having it work, outofambit wins) but I hadn't the foggiest who my favorite fan writer is. cadhla just solved that dilemma with this lovely piece. She's held the reigning position as Favorite Humor Columnist for some years now.

Any challengers?

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