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Correction: Frosted Christ-cakes, not crusty Christ-cakes. That makes all the difference in the world. (He got it from a cartoon of some sort.)

Drunk-Ass Phone Goon is still prohibited from speaking directly to the girl he was harrassing.

Cute Chick Super had me record her voicemail message for her. I recorded "You-Know-Who" in my deepest natural speaking voice; I sound like either a very low alto female or a midrange tenor male. (It's androgynous enough to be confusing to someone who's calling expecting a girlie-girl's voice.) Have I now done an impersonation of Voldemort?

I'm still singing the Chromatics song about radio telescopes to myself. "Hey ho, did you know? There's a universe in the radio. I'm going to tell you what you want to know about the universe in the radio." It's a very perky little song, and it's fun to sing.

Rules Lawyer Monitor seems to be on the phones at the moment. I'm not sure whether she's doing this just a few days a week now, or 100% of the time. Curiouser and curiouser.

There are a lot of people leaving here. One of the dayshift/sampling guys left today. His last day was scheduled to be today, and there was going to be a bit of a party -- but he didn't show. So the party was held without him.

Hooray for payday. This check had a few hours of overtime, even. Woops. Shouldn't have gotten those... ah well. No overtime authorized for this week, either, but I think I'm going to go on the phones Sunday if I'm anything short of my 40.

The figment0 prefers the old-school Marvin to the new one, as the old one looks angstier.

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