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In which the Lunatic does not much of anything

Today was Personal. I am not doing the Friday night/Saturday morning thing particularly well at work, and when I woke up still in a state of exhaustion ... no can do. I'm good about not skiving off when I'm doing something in a supervisory role, but if I know I'm a phone goon that day and I'm nearly too loopy from lack of sleep to stand ... I can go in and monitor or shuffle spreadsheets in that state, because those things I can do in my sleep (in fact, I was dreaming about doing a nonexistent supervisor function, the shredding of secure browser pages: the hell?) and I wake up soon enough, but ... I'd rather not chance screaming at a respondent if I let my guard down.

This scotches my chances of a 40 hour week this week, of course.

At least I've got a little time to get things tidied up around here. Maybe I can go get those blasted pens. I have too much mail to sanely shuffle through, and most of it is from people who love my money. (From childhood: Mama and Dad sorted the mail based on "someone who loves me or someone who loves my money?")


Yep, I went and got the highlighters in question. Also, who knew that drinking half-frozen strawberry soda out of a blue plastic margarita glass could be this much fun? Whee!

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