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She has never been out of the country, broken a bone, or smoked a cigarette; she plans to someday visit Japan. This is [azurelunatic]. (introductory notecard from Speech class some years ago)

I'm hoping that my currently unhappy sleep schedule normalizes some. I think I have it on the brink of behaving, but I'm never quite sure until I actually find myself in bed waking up the next morning.

Cleaning is a waltz, and I'm never sure whether I'm taking steps forward or backward, and which side I'm going. Worse, I'm the one leading, and I don't have a partner. Granted, the last time I waltzed where both of us knew what we were doing, I nearly got danced off the stage (thanks, Fuzzy) ... maybe leading without a partner is not so bad? But I do love waltzing. (Did you know that Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" is a waltz?)

The kitchen is its usual state of disaster area. I'm trying to get my coffee in shape to share with my co-workers. I almost never drink coffee at home, but I will drink coffee at work. This means that I have coffee I'll probably never touch unless I take it to work. Some of it is regular-ground, some of it is espresso-ground, and some of it is Turkish-ground. I decided to actually prepare some of the Turkish-ground. The proper method involves the stovetop, as I looked the recipe up. I was delighted by the scent, and I dropped some chocolate chips in, just on impulse, and the results are decent enough, if not exactly traditional.

If you're a barista, and your customer is supposed to be on decaf, but you give them wildly strong thoroughly caffeinated Turkish coffee ... would that be grounds for dismissal?

It's the ten-year anniversary of my last year at CTY, and the angsty CTY-deprivation posts on cty_therapy and similar communities are inspiring me -- I've been over the angst for a while, since LJ is my new CTY (sort of ... no few of the CTY folks are here) and I have enough mobility and free time to meet up with people should things really get lonely -- but the posts about canon music are making me want to compile my own personal canon playlists. So I've been working at that, which means listening to a lot of music and trying to weed out the ones that don't go on the canon list so I can narrow things down better. There are some songs that aren't official canon, but are personal canon. There are some songs that I never heard while I was there, but fit so well after the fact that they need to be included. And it doesn't do any good just as audio. There are the explanations of why each song fits, there should be photos ... all of these things I need to hunt down to do proper homage to that very pivotal point in my life. Better to celebrate it than to mourn it.

One of the post-canon songs that fits with eerie beauty is the recent Finn Brothers song "Won't Give In":
You call me up and I'll say a few words
But I'll try not to speak too long
Please to be kind and I'll try to explain
I'll probably get it all wrong
What does it mean when you promise someone
That no matter how hard or whatever may come

It means that I won't give in, won't give in, won't give in
'Cause everyone I love is here
Take me home. Take me home

Once in a while I return to the fold
With people I call my own
Even if time is just a flicker of light
And we all have to die alone
What does it mean when you belong to someone
When you're born with a name, when you carry it on

It means that I won't give in, won't give in, won't give in
'Cause everyone I love is here
All at once, and I'll show you how to get here

Come on now, come on now, can you feel it, I can see it in ya
Come on now, come on now, reveal it, turn around won't ya
The right time, the right place, right now, turn around

A chance is made, a chance is lost, I carry myself to the edge of the earth

It means that I won't give in, won't give in, won't give in
'Cause everyone I love is here
Say it once, just say it, and disappear

I'm also trying to work on a caffeine icon for myself. I've been working on scraps of "A Cup of Time" here and there between the cracks. I've been working on Crossover a bit. I've been getting stuff typed up for my magicgeeking document. (That's something that dreadfully needs editing and putting together into coherent order as well as more content and focus. Geeze.) There's stuff that wants hole-punching. The Little Fayoumis still has an afghan that isn't even half-made. (I need to poke Sis for a good mailing address.) I have some fabric, some elastic, a sewing machine, thread, and scissors. I have grand ideas involving skirts, but somehow none of them have shown up on my actual "I'm doing this right now" schedule. I need to fix that.

Meanwhile, things like dishes and sorting papers and getting shoes put away are getting done. Tomorrow will be insane, but I can live with that...

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