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A good LJ-lemming has its own cut-tags built in. I approve.

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1.~How did you meet hcolleen?
She showed up at a writing group. Coincidentally, I already knew her roommates vaguely through school.

2.~What would you do if you had never met pyrogenic?
The entire course of my personal history would be different, and I don't think I'd like either the difference or myself if my alternate-universe clone who never met him were to meet me.

3.~What do you honestly think of amberite?
S/he does nifty things, and does not quite exist in the same world as me.

4.~Would or did sorcha007 and smmc go out?
Wouldn't, didn't. smmc is not anatomically equipped to date strictly heterosexual women.

5.~Have you ever liked reichiere?
Not like that.

6.~If elance died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know?
More things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio ... and I have faith in some of the odd things she might not any longer.

7.~Would onyxrising and figment0 make a good couple?
No, but it would be interesting.

8.~Describe moonberryq in 3 words:
CTY Meshuggana sister-oid.

9.~Do you think norabombay is hot?
Nah, as my tastes in females are highly picky, but she's fen, and that's better.

10.~Would elance and easalle make a lovely couple?
Lovely, but not good.

11.~What do you think of when you see smmc?
She reminds me of trystan_laryssa, which is why we met.

12.~Tell me something humiliating about figment0:
Closet. *snicker* As in, me in his. *snicker*

13.~Do you know any of trystan_laryssa's family members?
dustraven and his son the Mad Scientist and so forth count.

14.~What's sorcha007's favorite color?

15.~On a scale of 1-10 how cute is dustraven?
6 or 7-ish. The new haircut is cute, though.

16.~What would you do if ralmathon just professed their undying love for you?
He's my virtual big brother. Of course he has undying love for me. Oh, like *that*? Apologize to his girlfriend, snog him soundly, and then ask him to reconsider his position based on our position re: Darkside.

17.~What language does sorcha007 speak?
English. Mostly. Also cat. And a few other non-standard ones.

18.~Who is meacu1pa going out with?

19.~Is raranax a boy or a girl?
That would be the male option, and also related to me.

20.~Would digitalambience and ralmathon make a good couple?
No. What is it with this thing and pairing same-sex couples? Sheesh.

21.~Who do you think tomb_of_osiris would be great with from this list?
You know, I couldn't say. But he would be an awesome addition to dustraven's gaming group.

22.~When was the last time you talked to norabombay?
Um.... I think I left a comment a few days ago.

23.~What is reichiere's favorite band?
Good question. Her cats probably know.

24.~Does onyxrising have any siblings?
I don't suppose amberite counts? I met his cousin a few times, though.

25.~Would you ever date trystan_laryssa?
That would be telling. (Darkside would have to either approve or be out of the picture.)

26.~Would you ever date moonberryq?
Probably not. She's a CTY-sister, and while CTY-cest is interesting, it's also kinda scary. Plus I think she's straight.

27.~Is tomb_of_osiris single?
As far as I know.

28.~What is sorcha007's last name?
I know that one. But it'll change eventually to something more fitting, I think... if she ever decides to cut ties with the clan.

29.~What is digitalambience's middle name?
Christopher, if I recall correctly. I know his hair color and his bratty little brother's name too. digitalambience looks like a young and more ginger Danny Kaye, incidentally.

30~What is amberite's fantasy?
You say that like there's only one.

31.~Where does raranax live?
Here, there, and everywhere, but currently with my Guide Dog Aunt and the rest of the family.

32.~Would you make out with hcolleen?
That would also be telling.

33.~Are pyrogenic and trystan_laryssa best friends?
They haven't even met. I think they would wind up wandering off in separate directions if introduced.

34.~Does moonberryq like sorcha007?
Again with the femslash with straight chicks.

35.~How did you meet digitalambience?
He was a lab guy at the upstairs computer lab at school. I was bored. I have a thing for lab guys.

36.~Is norabombay older than you?
She sure is. Also better-employed, better-wheeled, prettier, and skinnier.

37.~Is easalle the sexiest person alive?
Darkside still holds the title, unless ralmathon has wrestled it away again. Men. *sigh* You can't live with them, and referees are hard to come by.

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