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Boiled in Oil

I just went ahead and constructed the project that's been sitting in the bottom of my refrigerator for a while. Just on the sort of impulse that takes several days to premeditate.

Now that I have the steps down, the construction of cookie puffs is reasonably simple, and takes me quite a bit under an hour. Some of the steps made it a lot more swift: the chilled state of the cookie dough, the slicing instead of balling, the use of spoon and fork to handle the cream cheese, the mass stepwise assembly, the wide oil pan instead of a narrow one-at-a-time unit, and the specialized frying tongs.

I'm thinking that this is just evil and decadent enough to be a trademark con food of mine, actually. I also wonder how the uncooked things respond to freezing; in at least theory, they should do excellently well, and if I should mass-produce them before con-time, take them to (a local) con while frozen, then employ an accomplice with a portable electric fryer and an appropriate amount of cooking oil and a shaker of powdered sugar...

*giggle* I think I should make an equal number of friends and enemies. Friends, because the stuff is wicked good. Enemies, because the stuff is just plain wicked.

But yes, refrigerated slicing of cookie dough is in order. One could probably improve the recipe by making the dough personally rather than purchasing it premade...

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