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LJ PSA & lemming time

If you're suddenly viewing the site in Excolibur instead of Dystopia, and you don't like this:

Top 10 Friend Matches

squallkitty & venetiakitty 171
hcolleen & elynnenanowrimo 163
elynnenanowrimo & czepwrites 133
ekaterin & tygerr 119
amberfox & iroshi 116
tattooedchick & dustraven 111
eris_raven & shammash 107
dustraven & dawnalone 103
tygerr & tsjafo 98
ekaterin & mamadeb 94

Enter your LJ username to see how your friends match:

My commentary:

1) Well, since they're both cats living with reichiere, they're probably very close.
2) elynne and hcolleen should definitely meet.
3) Two writing journals. elynne and easalle should glamourbomb together.
4) Ah, listees.
5) Yep. Dead-on.
6) This would either work out great or both parties would just sorta wander off in separate directions.
7) Little Miss Raven is in fact no longer residing with me because I could not separate her from her Moshie.
8) Gamergeeks of the world unite.
9) More listee bonding, looks like.
10) And yet more.

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