Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Fun with processes

OkCupid pwned my browser. I had to close the thing. (It evidently does not play well with at least my instance of Firefox.) Then I learned that it would not start again when I did clicky clicky. (See how my technical vocabulary suffers?) Like, nothing. Then I wound up thinking I would reboot, but when I started a conversation, not remembering that I was going to shut down, I said "Bah!" and went into my task mangler and looked at my processes. So why was firefox.exe still at the top of the list, beeyatch? I shut that down, and all its child processes too. (Does it ever disturb anyone that I am a witch and my ex-girlfriend was called my Pretty? But she does not have a dog.) Surprise surprise, firefox started back up.

I am not happy with the site, because their IM thing, if not disabled, is an even bigger resource-suck than Gmail's auto-refresh. This was worse than normal.

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