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Mmm, best-friend time.

I didn't get seven seconds of love. I got 37 minutes of restrained affection and mutual exhaustion. And that's quite all right.

I'd so very much like to be included in the proposed "get together and whack hell out of each other" gatherings. I think I'm getting a handle on the protocol for getting myself included in such endeavors. I mentioned that I might be interested in such a way as to (hopefully) demonstrate interest and open the door for an invitation, but without assuming that I was invited, and so he could gracefully say that it was actually a closed group rather than random other friends showing up. As his main point of rebuttal was "That would not work with your schedule," with illustration, I'm thinking that if it did work with my schedule, I might be accepted or even welcome.

I perhaps indulged in a little too much gloating over my delightful immune system and digestive system. My bondmate is apt to be whacked into the ground by illnesses, and spends far too much time worshiping the porcelain gods for a non-drinking Christian. He direly predicted that I'd have my turn.

The con was good. He's broke. He's exhausted. He put off any major weapons purchases until next year.

... I love this man. Receding hairline, advancing waistline, obnoxious snark, and all.

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