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Oh, my fuck. Walter Koenig. D.C. Fontana. Fan-produced episode.
Warning: site may be heavily slashdotted. And, alas, I have been so far unable to download any of the existing stuff. But. Oh. My. Fuck. -- also does custom stuff. -- McCain needs an introduction to our friend the clue bat. On the one hand, electability. On the other hand, HELLO SCIENCE and integrity. On the gripping hand, Flying Spaghetti Monster and clue bat. -- Brion is on WoW at after 3 in the morning. Brion posts. Brion's mom plays WoW. Brion's mom reads that forum. "Busted. Grounded." (amberfox, does this lurk in your future?)

In other news, if you are my brain, late Sunday evening is evidently the perfect time to commence housecleaning. The vacuum cleaner has seen use.

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