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LJ friends network PSA: scyllacat sighted post-hurricane; disaster mutterings

scyllacat has been sighted after leaving a very scary hurricane post (most likely from a mobile device); she is evidently fine.

I don't know her, but I know a goodly fraction of the friendslist does, and since I, not even knowing her, was weeping last night after reading the comments in that entry ... yeah. LJ deserves to have some "our beloveds are safe" posts to balance out some of the "OMFG DISASTER DOOM" posts.

So. Safe.

And my heart breaks for those people who aren't going to get the incredible relief of knowing that the person they were worried about has made it through the crisis. And again for people who didn't realize that they had someone in harm's way, and for those who didn't think where their beloveds were was harm's way, and especially for those without someone to keep watch for them...

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