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Ambiguous Food

thette -- given Hugo, you may want to give this entry a skip.

In the depths of my refrigerator, left over from at least February or even times before that, sat a large (unopened) plastic-wrapped block of medium cheddar cheese. I hauled it out today (well, Monday, but that counts as "today" because I haven't yet slept) and took a look at it.

There were no funny spots. The thing looked just the same plastic-yellow color, and I determined that well, it's cheese. And unless cheese starts hosting alien life-forms or dessicating beyond repair, given that it's been sitting in well-supervised cooling...

So I tried it.

Evidently, well-packaged, well-preserved medium cheddar cheese turns into extra-sharp cheddar after it's passed its sell-by date by a good five months.

My inner cheese fiend has been having a field day, and secretly plotting to hoard packages of unopened cheese at the bottom of the refrigerator. If I still had roommates, at some point I would have naturally been questioned on the topic of why, and I would have had to have affected an innocent face and answered, "I'm sharpening them!" (The innocent face when I'm saying something perfectly outrageous is one of my special talents.)

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