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Writing Challenge: 1,000 Oranges & a Bomb

On the topic of mistranslated filth, and why it's so often lost-in-translation filth rather than jelly doughnuts. In the threads, I wound up mentioning Jean Fritz's moment with orange juice and an egg.

Someone thought that the resulting nonsensical order should be a nanowrimo project of some sort. But I'm booked this year -- either Captain Davidson's going to take over my brain, or Constance McNeill will, or someone else -- or they'll club together. I really am not sure if I want to see the results if the good Captain and Constance get together, because they're such diametrically opposed forces. And in any case, the Captain wants a series of short stories, not a book. Or, at least, not a book first, because she comes from the episodic format. And Constance is like water, and doesn't hold still for long. And she's already got a piece started.

So. An open writing prompt or challenge: 1,000 Oranges and a Bomb.

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