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Girls' Night Out: Casino!

So while we were on lunch break, Laser Mom proposed that the present ladies who were 21 and over do something in concert after work. This evolved into a full-fledged Plan for clarinetkid4eve, Laser Mom, and me to hit a casino after work.

We all piled into Laser Mom's truck, more or less. The thing is an ancient-feeling pickup with a seat behind the main two in the cockpit. clarinetkid4eve is six months pregnant and looks seven. I got the back, naturally. It was some fun gymnastics to try and get in, since the usual accesses are built for skinny people, or for foot room on the part of the back seat area. As there's a lot of random stuff back there, this does not exist...

We wound up stopping by Laser Grandpa's place: Laser Mom's father was hit by a car -- again -- and occasionally needs looking in on. I learned that I'd been wiser than I'd known to bring along cold water, as Laser Mom's truck has no air conditioning, and I was feeling rather delicate. Fortunately, Laser Grandpa's apartment complex/elder semi-independent facility had a water fountain in the lobby. Yay water.

There was lots of happy gossip. Yay finding Friends in odd places! I've come to realize that whether it's intentional on the part of my subconscious or not, I'm dressing in almost a manner befitting of a somewhat more traditionally inclined modern Quaker woman. Though I suppose my Circle ring, my pager ring, and my medallion are all adornments of one sort or another. Never mind the glitter on that skirt...

Casino Arizona was big, noisy, smoky, with a lot of busy people and very indifferent computers. It is very glitzy. I think that Constance wants to go there to people-watch and dance and drink. Before she discovered it, she was mostly sticking to tiny hole-in-the-wall clubs where she wasn't a regular, the sorts of places that are too fly-by-night to have regulars.

Laser Mom had a bad encounter with a machine, and had to stay there while an attendant came up to unstick things. clarinetkid4eve and I wandered off and did assorted stuff. I won $0.15 on a nickel slot machine. We wandered around, got separated, got together again, got lost, searched for Laser Mom, and finally wound up finding her and heading off for dinner.

Dinner featured very good food at their buffet, Laser Mom ignoring her doctor's orders, and a lot of general gossip. Hooray, fun.

After dinner, we wandered off when Laser Mom wanted to show us something or other. The band was partying like it was 1999. This somehow morphed into dancing. clarinetkid4eve turned pale and grabbed a chair; Baby decided to join in the dancing. I boogied righteously, and at one point attracted the attention of someone who tapped my shoulder and indicated that she wanted to dance with me. So non-contact dancing happened. I was mostly using my standard fencing dance moves, which are awesome fun but hell on the thighs if you haven't been keeping your plié certification current (which I haven't). I danced the whole song, but wound up not dancing as vigorously nearing the end.

The seat situation became critical as clarinetkid4eve and I both needed to sit down somewhere, her because of her aspiring dance fiend, and me because I was a perspiring dance fiend about to become an expiring dance fiend. We wound up back in the piano lounge while Laser Mom sought the facilities. More gossiping ensued, and photos happened as well. On our way in, one of the maintenance staff gave me the smile and said that she'd seen me dancing over there. (Dancing with enthusiasm is evidently looked upon with favor.)

There was fun, there were games, the engine of the good ol' truck flooded when the valet service tried to retrieve it. Home didn't actually happen until well after midnight.

We're going to repeat Girls' Night Out in the future.

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