Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

PSA regarding communities

LJ communities don't have to be run with anything even approaching evenhandedness. Think of them as private clubs with bouncers rather than democracies with constitutions, and you get far closer to the actual way things work.

I made some moderator decisions today, about a half-step before some of the other moderators made the same decision. In this case, it was based on history as well as a recent incident. The recent incident was just the very last straw. And when you've got a community with moderators who are up at all hours and see freshly-posted things that could damn well cause a fuckton of trouble, and delete them out of hand, the community at large may never see that such-and-such a member is not in good standing with the moderators. The community rules in question are very fucking subjective, and since the intent of the community does not include making the moderators bristle whenever someone posts, and is for creative, intelligent, witty venting rather than to provide a forum for people who sound like they have a genuine anger problem that needs real psychiatric help, this means that people who are acting like genuine assholes, psychotics, or trolls tend to get booted.

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