Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

The daily grind should be Turkish.

Job is nuts. Today I wander around looking for trouble. Either that, or ... well, something. I'm not entirely awake yet. I was looking forward to a nice, peaceful shift on the phones.

Stoner Dude, why must you somewhat inaccurately and apathetically recite the introduction to the survey while not even pretending to look at your computer? I shall smite you. When I am awake.

I have the hiccups. Not amused.

O Paranoid Woman, please STFU and get back to work.


Gossip Sisters, please do not >hic< turn around in your seats and blab when you're supposed to be >hic< on the phone with other people.

Clueless Newbie Woman, the only person you are amusing to is yourself. >hic<

At least there is breakfast. Yay, breakfast.

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