Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


I can't install fonts on my computer. This makes me
unreasonably grouchy. I'd been hoping to put in a good
zombie font for some admonishment to not mess with the
calendars. If only I had it, I could have gotten a
memo written before someone else did. Alas: someone
else did first, and there was flagrant abuse of the
apostrophe (you idiots), misuse of both single and
double "quotes" (an ironic use that makes my eyes
bleed, right there), a sentance fragment, and an
omitted period.

Today the Goose Girl's emergency was that the 1 key on
her keyboard was stuck. She is dreadfully earnest, and
sweet, and eager to do a good job, but she has that
slightly fearful air of someone who has been routinely
bullied and does not understand why.

The Stoner Slacker decided today to ask how one
becomes a supervisor. Immediately after this, he winds
up earning a minus or two for not reading questions
and falsifying survey information. A real winner, that
kid. He got sent home yesterday for low production.

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